Truck Simulator 2021 New Game 20 APK

Truck Simulator 2021 New Game 20 APK


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  • Nombre del softwareTruck Simulator 2021 New Game
  • Categoría Strategy
  • Versión20
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Truck Simulator; Truck games elevated the excitement of you in 2021! Truck simulator 2021 driving is an action that everyone wants to experience one day, don't worry if you haven't had the opportunity to do it in real life! This truck game has been released for you. Do not be deprived of the fun of truck driving! With the truck simulator, we turn the screen of your phones into a truck interior console! Truck Simulator UltimateIt is not enough to know how to drive the car to drive a truck because driving a truck requires more complicated driving skills. For this, we considered all the details and reflected the working mechanism of actual trucks to our game; an interior console consisting of many buttons awaits you. You will be able to control your vehicle quickly with buttons such as gear, gas, brake, trailer control arm.ParticularsYou can transport thanks to truck driving games! Load the loads on the truck from the specified point and then depart. You need to pay attention to the detail here; the loads should not get any damage. When you go to the delivery point, your score will decrease if your loads are missing or damaged. For this, you should be chary! You have 3 accident rights, be careful not to have more accidents. You should also know that you have rights for additional accidents, but this should not make you inclined to accidents! 😊Truck Simulator American🛣 If you think that playing a truck game, the map should be the essential factor! The map we use in our games is pretty developed for a mobile game. Thanks to this, you can see a different view every time you turn your head from the wheel! While you are seeing modern buildings in the inner city, the pleasure of driving a truck with nature awaits you on long roads.Truck Simulator Driver🌉We mentioned that road is long, you need to gas up on long roads. 😊 That's why we've added petrol stations where you can tank up at certain places, don't forget that the end of the gas also affects your driving speed, if you don't want to run out of fuel often, you should prefer controlled driving.🚛We do not disappoint you with truck models, and we offer you 5 truck models. So you can use whatever truck model steals your heart! Moreover, it is not limited to this; thanks to the modification options, you can decorate your vehicle as you wish. You can change the color of your vehicle, improve your rims and exhaust, and even affix led headlights.🛣The roads you will drive the truck will not be as easy as you think; let us warn you now. 😊 Although the roads are simple in the first chapters for you to be familiar with the driving mechanism of the truck, as you pass the chapters, you will notice how difficult the roads you drive. But don't give up! We are sure you have the skills to overcome these roads! As you pass the levels, you will earn good money in the game. That's why truck missions are essential to you.🗺You will see a mini-map in the corner of the screen so that you can easily manage the vehicle, but we thought it would be straightforward if we show all the roads from the map and we said let's complicate things a little. Pay attention to the signs on the road; the signs will be your powerful helper!📻We thought that the roads would be boring without music and we added radio to our game so you can enjoy it. You will be precisely a full truck driver with the music playing on the radio.🔊We've added powerful exhaust sounds, and excellent horn sounds to make you feel like you're driving the truck in all ways.The truck game with all these features is free! You can download it on your phone for free and spend hours full of excitement.

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